Lt. Col Bernard L. Robinson Reports on the NT June 1942

The following series of documents come from the late Major General Bernard L. Robinson of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. In 1942 he was a Lieutenant Colonel and the ranking Engineering officer in the South West Pacific Area. According to the following documents he was sent to the Northern Territory in June, 1942 to make inspections of the facilities in relation to roads, airfields and supply facilities from Darwin to Birdum and beyond in order to keep General MacArthur appraised of the general situation. Within its pages various mile points are mentioned, such as 27 mile (Strauss Airfield) and 34 Mile (Livingstone Field) and makes very interesting reading describing the state of affairs in the Territory following the initial air raids early in 1942. Included at the start are the Lt. Colonel’s orders of transport in Australia.

 2016-02-23 16-38-01_0642A portrait of Bernard L. Robinson, wearing the stars of a Brigadier General. (Authors Collection, 2016)

Travel orders

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Assessment of the Northern Territory

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